Race Conditions TryHackMe Walkthroughs


Musyoka Ian
1 min readJun 12, 2023

Hello guys and welcome welcome back to another walkthrough. This time we are going to be tackling a room from TryHackMe called Race conditions. According to my opinion the room wasn’t beginner friendly reason being:

You needed to have solid coding foundation skills. (Scripting alone wasn’t enough because the program needed to be optimized to exploit race conditions vulnerabilities that were present in the binaries)

The last challenge was hard because you needed to be able to read the source code carefully and interpret where the vulnerability is and find the appropriate mechanism it could be exploited

We start tackling the challenge from easy to hard and create to two programs to automate the exploitation for 2 of the 3 challenges. It’s was an amazing room and without much say let’s jump in.

Recently I started a YouTube channel where the walkthroughs for the challenge was posted. Use the link below to access the challenge walkthrough and if you like the walkthrough subscribe to the channel to help it grow thanks.